An plan to decrease crime in the Melrose District is being carried out Tuesday with the establishment of robotized tag acknowledgment cameras.

The cameras will be put all through the Melrose business hallway and encompassing area, lcommunity organization Melrose Action and Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz announced.

Melrose Action fellow benefactor Peter Nichols told the media he has been upset by late crimes nearby.

“We went through a homicide cycle. Then we then we went through an armed robbery cycle that lasted for several months,” Nichols told. “Now the latest is the smash-and-grabs.”

Koretz said the 12 cameras being introduced will “give a next level of surveillance.”

“It’s simply one more advance to communicate something specific that assuming you perpetrate a crime on Melrose we will stop you, we will get you, and we will arraign you,” Koretz said.

Melrose Action raised more than $30,000 and Koretz offered another $10,000 to get the program going, as per a news discharge declaring the project.

License plate readers have experienced harsh criticism over potential privacy issues as usage has grown among law enforcement agencies, the media reported.

The California state auditor said last year that the LAPD and three other law implementation offices had not provided sufficient privacy protections.