Banking monster JPMorgan disclosed an uncommon apology on Friday, conceding that it laments backing Europe’s destined Super League of top-level soccer teams, which has started a rough reaction from fans.

“We unmistakably misconceived how this arrangement would be seen by the more extensive football community and what it may mean for them later on,” an agent for the bank said. “We will gain from this.”

JPMorgan gave a $4.2 billion money imbuement to the establishing 12 soccer teams to split away from the set up soccer league, the Union of European Football Associations, to shape its own more worthwhile league.

In any case, the arrangement self-destructed on April 21 after the rebel breakaway gathering lost the sponsorship of each of the six Premier League teams, with eight of the 12 establishing clubs from England, Italy and Spain retreating under gigantic tension from fans, politicians and surprisingly the British imperial family.

JPMorgan was publicly shamed for its part in subsidizing the Super League, which was impacted as a cash get by a circle of very much obeyed teams that would disturb the traditional way competitions have been coordinated for quite a long time in Europe’s Champions League. Soccer fans raged Twitter, requiring a boycott of the Wall Street bank.

“Hit them where it will hurt – get multinationals to boycott @JPMorgan,” one fan tweeted. “Move to @Bankofamerica.”

“@jpmorgan You have no clue about what you have released here by supporting an European Super League,” another composed. “We will keep away from any businesses or financial products that JP Morgan have their grubby little paws in.”

The uber bank was the sole loan specialist to the new soccer attempt, which was driven by Real Madrid’s leader Florentino Perez. The financing bundle was a vital fixing to get the 12 clubs, which included Juventus, Manchester United, Liverpool and Barcelona, on board.

JPMorgan likewise had its corporate manageability rating downsized by Standard Ethics over its part in subsidizing the new soccer rivalry.

The discussion comes as JPMorgan big enchilada Jamie Dimon keeps on calling for organizations to zero in on their workers, networks and clients notwithstanding their investors.

“Free enterprise should be altered to make a superior showing of making a healthier society, one that is more comprehensive and sets out more freedom for additional individuals,” he said in an open letter to magazine in 2020.

Notwithstanding that conclusion, the billionaire CEO has experienced harsh criticism from pundits who guarantee he has not followed through on that promise.