Health care giant Johnson and Johnson revealed solid first-quarter numbers, supported by sales of its one-portion COVID-19 vaccine — in spite of the shot right now being on stop in the United States.

J&J revealed a first-quarter total compensation of $6.2 billion ($2.32 per share), which included $100 million from sales of the COVID-19 vaccine, as per the media.

That is up 6.9 percent from $5.8 billion ($2.17 per share) from a similar time a year ago.

The New Jersey-based company announced $22.32 billion in income, well over a projection of $21.82 billion, AP detailed, refering to a Zacks Investment Research overview.

The utilization of J&J’s one-shot hit against the Covid was ended a week ago in the midst of worries after six women — including one who later passed on — created blood clots. The company later detailed two extra cases, including a healthy 25-year-elderly person.

CDC chief Dr. Rochelle Walensky analyzed the blood coagulations seen in J&J patients to those found in individuals who were inoculated by the WHO-endorsed AstraZeneca vaccine in Europe.

“In the European cases, the two people gave the blood coagulations, however they were more successive in women,” Walensky said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci anticipated that a choice in regards to J&J’s vaccine would probably stop by Friday and said he “genuinely” questions the vaccine would be dropped.

The choice to stop the vaccine has been met with some analysis, including from previous President Donald Trump, who named the Food and Drug Administration “so idiotic.”

In spite of the interruption, J&J’s drug business created $12.19 billion in income, per media. That all out is a 9.6 percent year-over-year increment.