GameStop shares set out toward their 6th consecutive day of gains Wednesday as the mother of all image stocks moved toward the pinnacle it hit during January’s phenomenal flood.

The video-game retailer’s stock price climbed almost 16% in premarket trading to $286 as of 7:17 a.m. after dramatically increasing its incentive over the previous week.

GameStop will have posted its longest series of wins in a half year if those increases hold through the end chime.

The Texas-based company’s shares have not climbed this high since the most recent seven day stretch of January, when rookie traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets gathering caused push it to $483.

The gigantic assembly battered flexible investments that had wagered against the striving retailer, drew the consideration of controllers and constrained Robinhood and other rebate businesses to restrict trading on GameStop.

The new flood has ginned up new happiness around GameStop on WallStreetBets, the profane message board with 9.5 million individuals that is currently brought forth book and film bargains.

“I at last joined the party yesterday. My lone lament is I didn’t accepting more,” a client named WSB_beggar composed on the discussion Wednesday morning.

Another client named jmanpc guaranteed he’d guaranteed a few buddies that he would eat a green pastel if GameStop’s share price hit $250. After it crossed that level in night-time trading, he posted a video of himself following through on his vow — at that point washing down the colored pencil with a White Claw hard seltzer — that got almost 30,000 “upvotes” on the site.

GameStop’s meeting got steam Monday and Tuesday after the chain affirmed it had tapped founder Ryan Cohen to lead its day of work into internet business. Numerous Reddit traders — including Keith Gill, otherwise called “DeepF—ingValue” — see Cohen as a key to the company’s turnaround.

GameStop wasn’t the just purported image stock to flood this week in the wake of taking off in January.

Shares of ambushed film chain AMC Entertainment moved about 8.4 percent to $11.35 in premarket trading subsequent to bouncing 13% Tuesday, while headphone maker Koss climbed 7.9 percent in the wake of tumbling 5% the earlier meeting.