Evacuation planes arriving in Kabul to safeguard US citizens and Afghans are playing it safe — they’re making plunge battle arrivals and deploying decoy flares to avert potential missile attacks.

One French Air Force A400M taking off from the ambushed airport dispatched about six flares moments after departure, posted by News shows.

The flares are intended to draw heat-chasing missiles from the aircraft.

Thousands stay abandoned at the Afghan airport after US forces pulled out of the nation and started a quick takeover by the outrageous Islamist Taliban, which was expelled from power by US and Western forces in 2001.

Specialists say approximately 20,000 US citizens and Afghan partners stay at the airfield, frantic to escape the country inspired by a paranoid fear of responses by Taliban state army.

The Pentagon said around 5,800 US troops, supported by unfamiliar forces, have gotten the airport, yet Taliban forces stay outside in an uneasy understanding by the two sides.

Regardless, the military is playing it safe given the unusual history of the Taliban and is deploying the arrival and departure measures as a precaution.