Fortnite maker Epic Games has appealed a court ruling requiring the company to pay a large number of dollars in harms to Apple for violating the iPhone maker’s payments rules, new court papers show.

The move implies that the closely-watched legal battle over the fate of apps could delay for extra months or even a long time.

“Notice is thusly given that Epic Games… appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit from the last Judgment entered on September 10, 2021,” Epic Games wrote in a pithy California federal court documenting late Sunday.

The appeal comes after a federal adjudicator on Friday decided that Epic penetrated its agreement with Apple when the computer game maker let clients pay for Fortnite features directly, violating its agreement with Apple by circumventing the iPhone maker’s payments processor that energizes expenses of to 30 percent.

The choice expected Epic to pay Apple 30% of the $12 million in income the game engineer gathered among August and October 2020, just as any extra income the company has gathered since. The last dollar amount was indistinct.

However, the adjudicator likewise requested that Apple relax its payments rules and permit designers to course clients toward non-Apple payments choices, putting billions of dollars worth of commissions-connected income in risk in the more drawn out term.

Most eyewitnesses saw Friday’s ruling as a misfortune for the two organizations, with Epic’s CEO quickly vowing to appeal even as Apple’s shares tumbled more than 3.3 percent on the news.

Apple shares had to some degree recuperated on Monday morning, trading up 1.4 percent at $151.05.

In an assertion to media, Apple SVP and General Counsel Kate Adams lauded Friday’s ruling as a “reverberating triumph” however didn’t remark on Epic’s appeal.

Epic Games didn’t quickly answer to a solicitation for input.

In its claim, Epic Games had contended that Apple requiring engineers to utilize its own payments system was proof that the company is a monopoly.

In any case, while US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said in the Friday ruling that Apple was participating in “anti-competitive lead under California’s opposition laws,” she avoided marking the company a monopoly. Rogers decided for Apple on nine of 10 counts.

Apple’s payments commissions – which make up a sizable piece of the company’s income, acquiring billions income – have been hammered by pundits including Epic Games, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and politicians all throughout the planet as unreasonable to engineers.

A group of bipartisan lawmakers in the US Senate and House have presented bills focusing on Apple and Google’s “stranglehold” over engineers by permitting clients to download apps from third-party app stores.