Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is pushing forward with plans to assemble underground passages for cars in a bid to diminish obstructed streets and roadways in Miami and Texas.

Musk’s firm has presented an arrangement for a 6.2-mile underground transit system in South Florida where commuters would take Tesla vehicles that would convey them between seven stations.

The North Miami Beach Loop incorporates stops along State Road 826 between Golden Glades Transit Center and Sunny Isles Beach at Newport Pier, as per news.

The objective is for the system to convey somewhere in the range of 7,500 and 15,000 travelers each hour, as indicated by company estimates.

The proposition’s price tag apparently goes from $185 million to $220 million. On the off chance that nearby authorities eliminate administrative formality, a sped up interaction could bring about the task’s consummation inside three years.

Plans also allow for the option to add extensions to the North Miami Beach Loop that would include connections to Hard Rock Stadium and Florida International University’s Biscayne Campus.

“We have a lot of traffic congestion and this would be an approach to reducing a lot of that traffic,” North Miami Beach magistrate Michael Joseph told news.

The Boring Company is additionally focusing on Texas, where it is settled in the state capital of Austin, as per news.

The firm gotten endorsement to build a research and development test site where it will construct “however many passages as needs be” to test its technology.

The tunnels, which will each action somewhere in the range of 300 and 600 feet in length, will be burrowed utilizing a boring machine known as Prufrock, which is viewed as an improvement over the one used to burrow the Loop system under the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The 1.7-mile-long passage in Las Vegas cost the organization just $47 million to assemble. City legislators supported a venture into downtown, which incorporates plans to interface the tunnel to the main airport.

Last year, it was accounted for that The Boring Company was occupied with conversations with city authorities from San Antonio and Austin about constructing tunnels.

Musk has apparently focused on Texas, Florida, and different states with less administrative obstacles while downsizing aggressive plans in places like California.

In April 2017, Musk told a TED meeting that he expected to burrow burrows under Los Angeles to take care of the issue of “soul-destroying traffic.”