Doggone it — the now notorious image of a smiling Shiba Inu just turned into the most costly meme to sell as a non-fungible token, or NFT.

The dog meme known as “doge” was sold in a sale Friday for around $4 million to a unidentified buyer with the Twitter handle @PleasrDAO.

The bidder, in an apparent gag, paid for the meme by means of cryptocurrency Ether — giving over 1,696.9 of the cyber coins.

The money goes to Japanese kindergarten instructor Atsuko Sato, the proprietor of the real Shiba Inu dog imagined in the meme. Her sale of the “doge” meme occurred on digital closeout website Zora, where it sold in only three days.

The meme has been well known on web discussions like Reddit and Tumblr since mid 2010, however arrived at new highs as the substance of cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

The digital coin was begun as a joke however has acquired steam as of late as extremely rich people Mark Cuban and Elon Musk embrace the currency. Cuban ordered his sports team, The Dallas Mavericks, acknowledge Dogecoin as installment, and Musk has advertised it on Twitter, including by posting an image of the dog on the moon.

At its pinnacle of 69 pennies, Dogecoin was around 12,000 percent higher than its cost only a half year prior of .002 pennies. The cost has since fallen more like 34 pennies.

The ubiquity of NFTs, which permit buyers to claim a digital resource, has detonated for this present year.

After a NFT from craftsman “Beeple” scored $69 million in March, a huge number of NFTs have sold at eye-popping costs, including Twitter prime supporter Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, which went for $3 million soon thereafter. Gamestop turned into the most recent to get on board with the trend with a declaration that it’s “building a team” for a NFT project.