A British infectious disease expert said Sunday that he “can’t be sure” that the United Kingdom will not have to secure again before Christmas — saying it will be a “difficult summer” fighting new COVID-19 cases.

Neil Ferguson, a professor from Imperial College London, would not preclude that the nation will not have to reimpose a similar COVID-19 limitations set to be lifted Monday.

“It will be a difficult summer for some reasons… I think case numbers are probably going to decrease essentially by late September, even in the most dire outcome imaginable,” Ferguson told the media .

Be that as it may, Ferguson said there might be “a need to ease back the spread partially” in case there’s a high number of hospital admissions for COVID-19 patients.

“Obviously, in the event that we end up in a more, suppose, most dire outcome imaginable … at the higher finish of the demonstrating and the projections of two, 3,000 hospital admissions each day, there might be a need to essentially ease back spread partially,” he said.

Inquired as to whether there could be another lockdown before Christmas, Ferguson said that it was a “harder” expectation to make.

“I want to think not, yet I can’t be sure,” Ferguson told the show.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will lift practically the entirety of England’s COVID-19 limitations on Monday, including rejecting mask mandates and permitting clubs to resume.

The choice comes regardless of cases being on the ascent with in excess of 54,000 new diseases affirmed Saturday in the United Kingdom — the most noteworthy since January.

Johnson has confronted reaction after he at first picked not to hole up in the wake of coming into contact Friday with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who tried positive for COVID-19 the next day.

Both Johnson and Treasury chief Rishi Sunak were alarmed for the time being by England’s test-and-follow phone application.

Johnson’s office said that he and Sunak would take an every day Covid test as a feature of an elective framework being investigated in certain work environments, yet turned around course under three hours after the fact.

Both will now hole up for 10 days, with Johnson bunkering down at Chequers, his nation home.

“Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak attempted to fix the principles once more to profit themselves. They possibly backtracked when they got discovered,” Labor party leader Keir Starmer said, the media detailed.

“They’re similar to bombed bank looters who just offered to give the cash back in light of the fact that they’ve been gotten.”