A Czech firearms company has arrived at an arrangement to purchase Colt, the notorious American gunmaker that advocated the revolver.

Česká zbrojovka Group said it will gain the entirety of Colt’s business for $220 million and about 1.1 million new portions of the Czech association’s stock.

The arrangement reported Thursday will help Česká zbrojovka, otherwise called CZG, grow its global customer base just as its creation limit in the US and Canada, the company says.

“The obtaining of Colt, a notable brand and a benchmark for the military, law implementation and business advertises globally, fits totally in our technique to turn into the pioneer in the firearms fabricating industry and a vital accomplice for the military,” CZG president and chairman Lubomír Kovařík said in a proclamation.

The takeover is required to shut in the second quarter of this current year forthcoming endorsement from controllers, as indicated by a news discharge.

The arrangement, which CZG will back with money and a potential security issuance, came around five years after Connecticut-based Colt rose up out of bankruptcy.

Colt follows its underlying foundations back to 1836, when creator Samuel Colt got two US weapon licenses and began his first assembling business. The company got celebrated for producing revolver guns and developed to supply the American and Canadian militaries.

“Having finished a notable pivot of the tasks and monetary execution at Colt in the course of recent years, this significant following stage with CZG positions the company to make the most of huge development openings,” Colt president and CEO Dennis Veilleux said in an explanation.

CZG has creation offices in the US and the Czech Republic, as per the delivery. The company says it has around 1,650 representatives in those two nations and in Germany.