Criminal charges were excused Tuesday against three Los Angeles police officials blamed for erroneously archiving individuals as gang members.

Following over about fourteen days of declaration at a fundamental hearing, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor decided that investigators needed more proof to go on with the argument against officials Rene Braga, Julio Garcia and Raul Uribe, as indicated by the officials’ lawyer and a record of Pastor’s comments.

In reaching his decision, Pastor noticed that the officials had been blamed for distorting proof in a solitary case, “not a pattern” of offenses, as are three other LAPD officials who have been charged for another situation. Minister said he didn’t completely accept that the officials had “the particular expectation to offer bogus expressions” or “a false or underhanded reason” when they noted in police records that individuals they experienced during a traffic stop had gang affiliations.

The charges were essential for a more extensive outrage in which the six LAPD officials were blamed for misrepresenting field talk with cards that officials use to record and track data about suspects and others they experience while on the lookout.The allegations roiled the LAPD and illustrated how, despite decades of reform efforts, distrust toward the department in Black and Latino communities remains high.