The CEO of Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin reacted to reports that it encouraged a “poisonous” and chauvinist workplace, guaranteeing employees that the rocket-creator has “no tolerance for discrimination or harassment.”

Nonetheless, Blue Origin chief Bob Smith didn’t concede any bad behavior or apologize in an email to employees on Thursday.

“It is especially troublesome and excruciating, for my purposes, to hear claims being imposed that endeavor to characterize our whole team in a manner that doesn’t line up with the person and ability that I see at Blue Origin consistently,” Smith composed.

Smith’s email came hours after 21 current and previous Blue Origin employees published a letter claiming that several company leaders have been “reliably improper with women.” Those leaders purportedly included one senior executive inside Smith’s inner circle.

“All things being equal, Smith actually made him an individual from the recruiting board of trustees for filling a senior HR job in 2019,” the letter says, without naming the senior executive.

Many company leaders likewise showed a “unmistakable predisposition against women,” as indicated by the letter, which was endorsed by Alexandra Abrams, who filled in as Blue Origin’s head of representative communications until 2019. The 20 different signatories were unknown.

In Smith’s email, the CEO didn’t react to a particular charges however told employees “we will speedily research any new cases of misconduct.”

Thursday’s letter additionally blamed senior leadership at Blue Origin for cultivating a culture of “concealment of contradiction” that has put safety in danger.

“Blue Origin has been fortunate that nothing has happened up until now,” one mysterious engineer who endorsed on to the letter is cited as saying. The letter adds that “teams are extended past sensible cutoff points.”

Blue Origin appeared to give beating Elon Musk and Richard Branson in the tycoon space race need over safety concerns, the gathering added.

On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it would audit safety charges brought up in the representative letter.

In Smith’s email to employees, the CEO took shots back at allegations that prompted the FAA audit.

“The New Shepard team went through a systematic and agony marking interaction to guarantee our vehicle for First Human Flight,” composed Smith, who has driven Blue Origin since 2017. “Anybody that claims in any case is clueless and basically erroneous. That team is suitably glad for the work they’ve done and we ought to be too.”

Requested remark on the FAA survey of safety issues, a Blue Origin representative didn’t remark on the FAA audit yet messaged an assertion about Alexandra Abrams, the letter’s just named signatory.

“Ms. Abrams was excused for cause two years prior after rehashed alerts for issues including federal export control regulations,” the representative said.

Smith marked the email with “Gradatim Ferociter,” Blue Origin’s aphorism and a most loved phrase of his chief, Jeff Bezos.

“Fundamentally you can’t skip steps, you need to place one foot before different, things set aside time, there are no alternate ways except for you need to do those means with passion and ferocity,” Bezos once said to describe the phrase.