California is saving $548 million in award subsidizing to make 112 new parks in networks across the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday.

In a video message presented on the governor’s office Twitter, Newsom and first accomplice Jennifer Siebel Newsom considered the arrangement a “historic and unprecedented investment,” and said it’s part of the state’s Outdoors for All Initiative, which aims to increase access to the state parks system.

“We’re doubling down on equitable access to the outdoors and elevating nature as a crucial public health tool,” Siebel Newsom said in the message. “Californians will have greater park access in their communities through the coming years.”

Siebel Newsom promoted the significance of the outside and parks as being useful for the heart, brain and body, adding that numerous occupants need admittance to open spaces.

The arrangement desires to “grow parks to assist with building more grounded networks,” the tweet read.