Brazil’s native chiefs and human rights groups are approaching an international court to indict the country’s leader for violations against humanity for eliminating natural shields in the Amazon rainforest.

William Bourdon, a Paris-based lawyer, presented a solicitation for a primer examination of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the International Criminal Court in The Hague on Friday, as indicated by reports.

“It involves incredible direness,” Bourdon revealed to The Guardian. “We are running with time as the opponent, thinking about the decimation of the Amazon.”

Since Bolsonaro got to work in 2019, deforestation has flooded by almost 50% in the Amazon locale, which covers an enormous area of Brazil, and intrusions of local domains by wild-feline diggers and farmers has expanded by 135 percent, as indicated by a Brazilian natural report.

Bourdon needs to see Bolsonaro went after for “ecocide,” which alludes to causing longterm harm to the climate and native individuals. The lawyer recorded the 68-page objection in the interest of local pioneers Almir Surui and Raoni Metuktire.