Bitcoin hit another record-breaking high early Friday after Tesla boss Elon Musk called the cryptocurrency “less moronic” than money.

The cost of the world’s greatest digital coin moved to a record of $52,954.49 after Musk shot a couple of tweets protecting Tesla’s choice to purchase $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and clarifying why the electric-vehicle creator didn’t buy Dogecoin, his favorite meme-inspired cryptocurrency.

“Tesla’s activity isn’t straightforwardly intelligent of my assessment,” Musk tweeted Thursday night. “Having some Bitcoin, which is just a less idiotic type of liquidity than money, is courageous enough for a S&P500 company.”

The very rich person tech magnate was reacting to a meeting with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who runs the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

Zhao said he was astounded Musk was so “gung-ho” about Dogecoin, which has detonated in worth and fame this year as he and different superstars accepted it. Yet, Zhao noticed that Tesla chose to put resources into bitcoin as opposed to a religion cryptocurrency that was made as a joke.

Musk proposed that cryptocurrency had become a savvy speculation as central banks pushed loan fees on money to approach or under nothing.

“At the point when fiat cash has negative genuine premium, just a blockhead wouldn’t look somewhere else,” he tweeted, alluding to a term for official money that is not supported by an actual item like gold.

“Bitcoin is nearly as bs as fiat money. The catchphrase is ‘nearly,'” Musk added, repeating remarks he made in December, when he initially communicated interest in moving Tesla’s monetary record into bitcoin.

Musk most recent bullish comments about bitcoin came in the midst of a developing insight that the digital cash offers insurance from expansion.

Tesla’s blockbuster bitcoin speculation — which accompanied a declaration that the automaker would acknowledge bitcoin as installment — was one of a few ongoing signs that cryptocurrency is acquiring foothold in the standard business world.

Mastercard has said it hopes to help certain crypto exchanges on its organization this year, and BNY Mellon, the country’s most seasoned bank, as of late reported that it would begin giving financial administrations to cryptographic forms of money and other digital resources.