Sen. Bernie Sanders is exploiting his viral internet meme by selling sweatshirts on his site.

The $45 “Administrator Sanders Crewneck” sweatshirt includes the Vermont representative wearing a parka, hand-weave gloves and a blue surgical mask while sitting in a lawn seat.

“Vermont jacket, Vermont gloves, Vermont sound judgment,” the portrayal on his site peruses. “100% of continues go to Meals on Wheels Vermont.”

Sanders’ style decision turned into a viral meme Wednesday after he was captured sitting alone in his parka and gloves during President Joe Biden’s inauguration function.

The popularity based communist protected his outfit saying he liked to remain warm instead of be chic.

“In Vermont, we dress warm — we know something about the cold, and we’re not all that worried about great style. We need to keep warm, and that is the thing that I did today,” he told News.

Via web-based media, Sanders was photoshopped into notorious film scenes, for example, Forrest Gump and famous TV shows, for example, “Rounds of Thrones.”

The Brooklyn-conceived representative was even altered into New York City scenes — including sitting close to a frank remain, in a recreation center and on the metro.