What has two helipads and no longer has a place with an oligarch? This yacht.

Authorities in Germany have held onto Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov’s 500-foot megayacht, the Dilbar, as a component of the bundle of assents against the Kremlin and its allies, media announced.

The ship was taken by experts in the north German port of Hamburg on Wednesday. The megayacht is estimated to be worth at $600 million.

Usmanov, 68, is an iron and steel financier assessed to be valued at $16 billion. He is likewise close with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has supposedly worked as the strongman’s business advisor.

The billionaire is among the Russian money managers focused on by European Union approvals over Putin’s attack of Ukraine, which entered its seventh day of horrendous battling on Wednesday.

The Dilbar is apparently the world’s biggest yacht by gross weight. With 12 visitor suites, a team of no less than 80, a sauna, an exercise center, and the biggest pool at any point introduced on a yacht, the boat is said to cost $60 million per year to keep above water.

Purportedly one of Usmanov’s valued belongings, the Dilbar was exceptionally worked to his particulars by German shipwright Lurssen. Finished in 2016, the boat took north of four years to build.

Usmanov’s unrivaled delight was an obvious target for specialists – it’s been in the German port since last year for a refit.

However, different oligarchs have been sending their boats to sunnier ports – or if nothing else those of the couple of countries where assents can’t contact them – as per a report by media.

The US is expected to join the EU in holding onto Russian resources soon – President Joe Biden tended to the oligarchs straightforwardly in Tuesday’s State of the Union location, saying “we are getting together with our European partners to find and hold onto your yachts, your luxury apartments, your private jets. We are coming for your ill-begotten gains.”