Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is confronting 1,000,000 dollar claim for supposedly taking the idea for a tech school bearing his name.

Connecticut business professor Ralph Reilly asserts in the suit that he and Wozniak settled on a handshake arrangement in 2011 to set up a tech university, news detailed.

The school would have been named “the Woz Institute of Technology,” depending on Wozniak’s name and notoriety as a critical designer behind Apple’s initial days, according to the report.

While the idea never happened as expected, Wozniak dispatched a comparative endeavor under the name Woz U in 2017 in partnership with computer coding boot camp firm Coder Camps.

After the dispatch of Woz U, Reilly messaged Wozniak requesting to join the business, according to court filings surveyed by media.

“It’s by and large what I imagined for Woz Institute of Technology when I initially moved toward you with the idea,” Reilly allegedly wrote in an email.

“You are directly on the imprint,” Wozniak reacted, according to the report. “You had the correct idea… I question it would have occurred without your underlying idea!”

Yet, when Reilly followed up, requesting some proprietorship in the venture, Wozniak supposedly quit reacting.

Reilly is presently suing Wozniak for supposed licensed innovation burglary and copyright encroachment. He’s purportedly looking for in any event $1 million in alleviation and harms.

news announced that Wozniak’s team will contend that he and Reilly never arrived at a firm arrangement on the university, and that Wozniak isn’t regularly associated with most business dealings, leaving matters like contract exchanges to his manager and others in his team.

The case is set to go to preliminary on June 7 in Arizona, and Wozniak has been called to the remain to affirm, media announced.