The Federal Reserve’s sign that it could ultimately raise interest rates — however not at any point in the near future — isn’t probably going to stop the rise of meme stocks, experts and investors said.

Indeed, there’s very little the Fed will do that will influence meme stocks by any stretch of the imagination, market players told.

“The ‘meme stock’ peculiarity has as a lot to do with betting and ‘taking advantage of’ the traditional Wall Street narrative and I don’t imagine that would be impacted by actions of the Fed,” Ian Rosen, an accomplice at TIFIN Partners told.

So until further notice, meme investors are probably going to keep on heaping in whatever the Reddit boards tell them to — most as of in the not so distant future, Bed Bath and Beyond, which joined the positions of AMC Theaters and Game Stop as the following sweetheart of the Internet crowd.

The since a long time ago battered physical retailer rose almost 60% throughout the week after it was picked as the following stock to be focused on by the retail investing crowd. (It’s actually down around 50% over a five-year time span.)

Another meme dear, AMC Entertainment, rose 17% over the previous week — and is up just about 2,000 percent so far this year. Game Stop, in the interim, the original Reddit board favorite, rose 14% throughout the week; it’s up in excess of 1,100 percent over the previous year.

The more extensive securities exchange additionally climbed for the current week, hitting unsurpassed shutting records en route: The S&P 500 quit for the day percent on the week, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.1 percent.

Some market watchers said stocks could confront rough waters throughout the following not many months as the Fed begins tapering its $120 billion in month to month security purchases given the vulnerability of what that will mean for markets by and large.

In any case, meme stocks probably will be protected from any Fed-related waves, they said.

“I don’t think meme stocks would be impacted by actions of the Fed,” previous StockTwits CEO Ian Rosen told.

Rosen said meme stocks basically function in an alternate universe — not rocked by the news stream.

“People wish it was really the case that meme stocks would endure a shot on news,” one flexible investments supervisor told the media. “Investors need that unpredictability to stop occurring, however I don’t think tapering is what that will do it,” he said of the all over swings in Internet-board darlings.